Track us

Big brother is watching us. You can track us and follow our journey through the back country.

We use the service of GSM network in the remote areas of the South African countries might be slightly as good as in Germany but you all know how good the network service in Germany is.

Beside the SOS and the “I’m okay!” Button you can track our way. Findmespot uses satellites to transfer the Position and messages


In addition to Findemespot, we will use a Garmin Inreach Mini to track our journey.

The Garmin Inreach devices are bidirectional communicators. While the SPOT is just a transmitter the Garmin Inreach devices are receivers as well. This enable us to send and receive messages via GSM and the global satellite network. Having the possibility to send a SOS signal is good, but additionally receiving information from the Safe and Rescue team (SAR) might be even better realized.

To save money for the travel we decided to rent the Garmin device instead of purchasing it. offers a wide range of different devices, has a lot of expertise and demonstrated fast and good support.