It’s all about pictures

What do you keep in mind about your travels? Some do remember odours – especially people traveling to India. Some remember people they met. Some remember food they faced in other cultures.

But most of us remember pictures they have in mind – I still remember the amazing horizons in Australia, never I had faced such wide horizons as down under. The bad think for me is that I’m always so overwhelmed that I forget to grab my camera and catch the moment.

When you are riding it’s even more difficult because your view is limited through the helmet and a picture does not show the movements you have to do – the steepness the gab had and the speed you need to climb up.

So you need motion in the pictures. Luckily there are some options how you can catch all of that and not traveling with heavy DSLR or professional video cameras: GoPro helps a lot and if you want to have a better view a drone would help too. We investigated in the best equipment for an epic ride and came to the conclusion that both is the only solution.

But the equipment itself is one think – the usage and practicing is the other…

Luckily we have enough time while waiting for the bikes to be delivered to practise.

First training videos of the tracking function of a wild native inhabitant 😉 – also knwon as the swabian YETI:

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