News from the BONEMAN

Landy Abholung ADAC kl

After I broke my ankle in December in a test in Spain (Weber B for connoisseurs,), it will be better again. I was allowed to spend a few days in the University Hospital in Reus, where my leg was again screwed together super. The ADAC took me home by plane and also returned my Landy Defender. Everyone helped me a lot and did a great job. Thanks again to Sandra and Bernd, who organized everything and took my moped with me.

Bernd, Reini and Jürgen took care of all the preparations, the shipping of the motorcycles, the shopping and even “Bretzeln” were delivered to my home ;-). My children Tobi and Luci helped in the household, in the company and played taxi drivers for me!
Thank you guys!!!

The doctors have given the go-ahead that I can fully load my leg. Physiotherapy and exercise at home are very tedious, but I’m making good progress. The next 48 days I will work hard on myself until the beginning of our tour.
Climb stairs, drive a car and yes … the first few meters in the flat terrain with the EXC I have already behind me again. Now I can finally take care of myself again, put together my equipment and prepare myself for the journey.
So … as I said: Accelerate! Then the landscape moves faster again 😉

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