Week 3 – Namibia to South Africa

Week three started in Namibia with a lot of gravel roads. Long distances straight on and amazing views. Fishriver Canyon is only one spot we visited

If you think we are crazy with that trip – we know there is someone who is more strange than us. On the way down south we were traveling on a gravel road – marked as “avoid if possible” we saw several tire traces of bycycles. Wondering who is doing such crazy tracks we overtake the first rider. Not a local! So we stopped at a Apfelstudel Stop and meet several bycycle riders. Mostly US or canadian based. Then we see the sign on the bycycle.

Riding from Cairo (Egypt) to Cape town “South Africa” is really crazy. Roads more than 100km straight gravel on a bycycle at 35 degree is unbelievable. They took 4 month to do the tour.

We on our short trip passed the 5.500km distance yesterday. As the front tires on two bikes were down to zero we replaced to front tires. But it was done on the run and with a good service.

Overall we have so far seen many places and meet a lot of friendly people – no matter which country or nationality. Beside one guy! (Okay we did not behave as we should!) We took a road marked as a small gravel road. Finally there was a “Road closed” sign. But we did not want to go back all the way and drove through the open gate. Asked a realy afraid lady if that is the way to the road and she ansered “staight on” followed the track and ended on a closed gate. But the fence was reopenable. So we opened it and drove through. After we closed the fence again a white native in his V8 HZJ came full speed to the gate and adviced us to come to him and explain why we could not read the signs. And that the lady we asked can not speak english. We explained him and said sorry but he was not very friendly.

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