Country No.6 – >6.000km

Starting Grooblershop we decided to go to Kimberley and look for new back tires but the city was not good to us and we did not get any tires so we continued to Bloemfontain to visit David at KTM Mountain Goat Equipment. He had four Pirelli Scorpion Rally available.

The Michelin Desert Race Tires took roughly 6.000km with ~80% offroad. This is a really amazing tyre.

Lasts even without air in the tube and last even longer without offroad usage. But as we want to do some offroad adventure in Country number six – Lesotho – we replaced them. Thomas recommend to contact Wessel Bosman to get some tracks and experience the AfriSki Ressort. Wessel started in the Dakar three times (2015/2016 and 2018) and was born 1958. He is record holder in 110m hurdles in South Africa. So if we practise well we might be able…

No worries we will not start at the Dakar – but maybe at the Intercontinental.

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