Back in “normal” Life – The return of the toys

Being back for more than two month – we all got into our normal life and business. I can speak only for myself – I often look back on a fantastic experience with a lot of new impressions.

Meanwhile our bikes waited in Johannesburg for the transport back. The shipping schedule estimated the arrival in Hamburg harbour for the 25th of June. In the end the bikes arrived on the 12th of July.

As we scheduled maintenance work for the following week, we forwarded two out of four bikes to Reinhold our suspension specialist. The batteries were all down to zero volts so a little work to do.
One of the bikes the clutch refused to work, and we found out that the clutch slave cylinder seal went defective. Looking back on the ride to Toms workshop in south Africa we faced a stop as the bike refused to change the gear. It seems like on the last kilometres of the nearly 7000km the seal of the clutch slave cylinder stopped working. The funny part of this when you search all the forums it seems there are a lot of issues with that part. Talking to the mechanics everyone said: “known problem – did you not have one as a spare with you?”
No, we did not and upfront we never heard of this issue, nobody advised to take that part as a spare with us. Bot not knowing this issue made our trip very easy with our focussing on this part. “Self fulfilling Prophecy” the other way around! Husqvarna replaced the defective part in warranty.
Now the bike rework to the get the allowance for the German association for technical inspections must be done. Mounting the mirrors and the turning indicators as well as the official license plates. Two bikes will get a suspesion update on a Rally bike setup.

Looking for new riding experience.

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