Border Hopping (Day 8)

Before we drove into Zambia we stopped at the Victoria Falls (30U$ for Germans) and took a nice little walk in our motorcycle boots around the falls. All other visitors walked in flip flops but we insisted in sturdy footwear. Stupid idea for a 3km walk.

The falls compared to some other falls are amazing but I guess thats depending on the time of the year. While waiting and secure the bikes the other two fellows walked in without the motorcycle boots. In front of the motorcycle parking a local dance and singing crew joined us while waiting. As they were facinated by our boots and how heavy they are – they wanted to test them and have a look at it. These guys are the only specias on earth wanting to have stinking boots.

After the tourist program the African experience got new impressions. Crossing the border from Zimbawe to Zambia. A longhaired guy from South Africa warned us that it will be time consuming up to three and a half hour. But as friendly as we are – it was not that bad. Only minor organization issues stopped our approach to cross as fast as possible. Missing local currency and organization of road insurance got a bit of a mess. (For bikes carbon fee 280 Kwacha, Insurance per bike 300 Kwacha). Ended up in CAMP Nkwazi an unbelievable well organized camp with amazing food and good red wine and cold beer. Best dinner so far and roaring lions to hear.