Org chart and definition of priorities

As all of us run their own business or departments, I would assume we are all (more or less) alpha man. As you might know this species very well you can imagine that planning a trip like that could be fun.

So we defined a small org chart made some notes and defined the task for everyone. Most important define a timeline and a budget.

  • Omega R is responsible for getting all the tracks on GPS, equipment selection and Bike insurance.
  • Omega J is responsible for the pre-travel BBQ Events (minimum 1 per week)
  • Omega C is responsible for the later certification of the bikes to the german street bike regulations, the OUZO supply while the ride, team mechanic and head of the oldest council
  • Omega B² is responsible for this information source 😉

*Based on the rules of the very funny DsGVo we replaced the names of each involved party to synonyms.

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