Alea iacta est

We have to match the “to-do” List with the timeline of the travel schedule- therefore we decided not to wait for the 2019 Version of the bikes and find a dealer with four 2018′ in stock. (2019 only new grafics at all). As we do not want to start the journey with 0km Mileage and the transport estimates are between 4 to 8 weeks plus the rally kit conversion, we have an estimated shipping date by mid or end of January 2019.

The type of bike was chosen even before we did realize where to go but the equipment and the add on’s have to be organized within the next couple of days.

Luggage is a quite hard decision: Kriega / Mosko Moto / Rade Garage / Enduristan are all possible options to decide.

Wider food pegs are already ordered, Cycra crm pro bend hand guards as well in mind. Not decided up till now what type of tires and if we go with tubes, with mousse or with tubeless systems…

Bike pick up before x-mas. Stay tuned

Two of us must get a leg extension to fit to the seat height before the trip begins. Plan B is – especially for myself as I am not only the youngest also the smartest smallest – to improve my riding skills to a “no footer” riding style.

BTW: We were in contact with a couple of bike dealers but sometimes it can be very frustrating that the customer has more knowledge than the dealer! Some even did not realize that the 2019 prices are released. Or even better when you ask for a test of the Enduro seat height – “Yes it’s possible but we only have the Supermoto in the warehouse”.
Or that you know the part numbers of the accessories and the dealer even did not know the part itself.

Finally, we found a Dealer with knowledge, passion and rally bike experience.

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