It’s not always fun

The Flights are booked. The way to transport the bikes to South Africa is becoming more and more transparent.We finally decided on tires and tubes for our travel (Michelin Desert Race / Michelin Ultra Heavy Tubes). Optimizing our driver equipment, tools, camping stuff, clothes, medicine, repellents (against moskitos, lions, elephants) is ongoing. In addition the design work for the bikes is still pending.
Some of these “I need to does” are fun some are just necessary e.g.:

  • I need to run in the the engine properly. Just reached 190 km. So there are still 810 km left to reach the official required 1000 km. But weather forecast is still showing lot of rain, snow and very low temperatures. But hey it is winter time in Bavaria.
  • I need to order the Carnet de Passage and paying for this document.
  • I need to start a systematic fitness program

So it is not always fun preparing a motorcycle trip like this. But believe me, all activities definitely gain so much positive energy!

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