Tire decision

With none of us ever traveling in the South of Africa on motorcycles, little experience on the new bikes and tires, choosing the right “footwear” is difficult. The usual sources of information are as meaningful as so many forums. According to post and forum, tires between 1500km and 8000 miles are durable, have no or perfect side guidance and adhere perfectly or not at all depending on the driver and the ground.

There remains only the experience we have gained with the mounted OEM tire Continental TKC 80 and research of blogs and contributions of people who have experienced similar what we have ahead of us.

In addition to the MICHELIN Desert Race, OMEGAFIBRE recommends the MITAS E12 and E13 as well as the Dunlop D908 RR.

In the further research we came across the blog of Round The World Paul and his experiences with tires.

An exciting story with great photos and many impressions and helpful tips. We contacted him and he reponded within minutes to share his knowledge and experience. Once again thanks to PAUL.

In the end we came to the following set up:

  • Michelin Desert Race 90/90-21
  • Michelin Desert Race 140/80-18
  • Michelin 4mm Heavy duty tubes
  • 2 set of Spare tubes

We decided not to install Rim Locks as we do not expect do go real hard Enduro stuff.

Special thanks to Mr. Werle (Reifenzentrale Reichenschwand) for quoting the tires on the weekend.

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