Kitchen scale party

If you can not think of anything else: Take a kitchen scale and determine the weight of your luggage. That happened to me yesterday night.

Everyone knows the lighter the bike is, the better off-road performance it gets. As we were not sure how much over all weight of luggage and equipment we will get, i took some time the kitchen scale and went to my gear up room.

First of all I categorized to get a impression what parts weight most. I expected the spareparts and tools to be the heaviest – but I was wrong.
Over all we got to the amount of nearly 40kg of stuff we carry with us. Without any food or water.


The helmet, the protectice gear, riders apparalel and boots are the heaviest parts. Nearly one third of the weight is this. Amaying especially when you think of the fact that Ihave a really lightweigt Airoh Aviator helmet. Also the influence of the ultra lightweight camping equipment helps to reduce the weight on that part of the luggage.

A detailed listing will be provided including the weight ASAP.

Never forget the weight of the rider. So i have to reduce my weight also ASAP!!!


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