DIY – Luggage Rack Husqvarna 701

After the luggage racks available on the market did not meet our requirements, two of us mechanical engineers, we quickly set up our own 3D construction. The idea is to give our luggage systems a really stable fixation not o have any movement of the luggage while riding offroad. KTK GmbH has the abbility and machine park not only to do the software planing also to produce the first prototypes of the new system.

First Design freeze Husqvarna 701 luggage rack

It is made of a 8mm high flexible aluminium especially designed to fit to the original Husqvarna joints on the backend of the bike. You still have access to the filling point of the fuel system and no matter what luggage system you use (KRIEGA, MOSKOMOTO, ORTLIEB bags) you have enough points to add straps.

1st rapid protoyping samples Husqvarana 701 luggage rack

After all modifications on the protos were accepted and the weight was even reduced while keeping the stability, the surface was glass blasted and will be anodized in Husqvarna blue.

Beside the rack fixation points at the food pegs were also produced, material also 8mm high quality flexible aluminium.

If you are interested in these product feel free to put your name on the waiting list. Prices will appear as soon as we have done the field testing and final acceptance is done.

On my personal wish list for the KTK 701 lugagge rack 2.0 is the integration of a bottle opener. The product development refused my idea! 😉

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