400 Screws and four special luggage bags

Saturday was the time. The bikes have to be prepared and packed in the wooden boxes. Thanks to our partner Georg Schrepfer Verpackungen, we are prepared, have the right kind of wood and a construction guide what to do.

On the base plate the motorcycles are fixed with four straps, one slide and two threaded bolts. The whole is wrapped in an aluminium composite foil, provided with desiccant and sealed airtight.
It was important to us that we can use the boxes several times and that they are not nailed. They must be openable to realize the return transport in the same box.

Let the packaging made by someone who knows which wood may be shipped in which country, how it must be marked and what is the best handling.
Take note of the dimensions of shipping containers – so you save valuable money.
Take also into account note that the container is 2.352mm wide (when new), but only few containers are new and the door is even narrower (2.343mm). Your box should not be wider than 2.300mm.

Attach stickers with the shipping address on all faces of each box. Put the shipping number on the same sticker. Do not put the carnet in the box. Disconnect the battery and empty the fuel.
If you put anything else into the box beside the bike, it could give you the opportunity of a lot of discussions with the customs clearance in the destination country.

After 8 hours of assembling, packing and 400 torx screws we finally made it and all the boxes are closed, marked and ready to ship.

After we decided not to pack any luggage in the boxes, we would clearly exceed our baggage limit of 23kg. After a bit of research, the following information came from the South African Airlines website. As additional sports baggage also applies:
“Motorcycle gear: Protective riding gear and helmet”

That makes our traveling a bit easier.

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