Youtube and networking

While watching all the different videos about “how to” and “where to” ride, you find a little amazing stuff and mostly boring stuff with nearly no useful information.

Botswana 690 – is one of the videos which gave us a impression of what we will face.

In this Video I realized that these Guys have GPS units on their Bikes and using the same area we have in mind for our travel. I realized that the user name is the real name of a South African guy. So I searched and found him on one of the business networks. Googlification! I contacted him and after a couple of days he replied to me.
He has a bike from Thomas Eich and did nearly the same way up we had in mind. He included two GPS tracks for us and gave us also some recommendations. Once again thanks Denton! Maybe we could have a cold South African beer when we are down there.

As we always get the question “What about the animals?” you can also find a video which shows that Lions are thirsty but in the morning they are vegetarians 😉 Nervous Campers!

Here are some more recommendations for video channels with useful information:

Cross Training Skills

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