Confusion: Gpsies / Komoot / Garmin / / Google Maps / Google Earth / T4Africa

Without any preparation and spontaneously a motorcycle ride with limited fuel and water supply may be adventurous, but possibly stupid. Thus, we have been dealing for some time now with the various possibilities of route planning without risking the spontaneity of off-road travel. You can read a lot on the forums about Tracks 4 Africa , we ordered the paper map and the map for the GPS. After the first sighting comes the disillusionment. The maps are good and informative but not as up-to-date as online services and the internet.

A friend recommends “” which he used in South Africa. App installed and let’s go …
…really good. Works only on the phone or tablet. Driving an off-road track with the App will be a challenge. Content of the maps is good and almost every dirt road is displayed, you just must scroll close enough. This is difficult when driving.
Google Maps is also not very useful for a detailed planning with intermediate points and offline anyway. We’re planning now the tracks on Google Earth and then export the kmz files in gpsies to convert to GPX that we can use it on our Garmin devices. Alternatively, you can also use komoot.
Since we want to have a flexible travel, we only plan the rough direction. Due to the dimensions of the country and the resulting distances it is important to know petrol stations and campgrounds, that seems to us the most important. Our work around solution will probably look like this: We create a separate map on Google Maps. In this map all of us enter places the found on different sources. (This can also be done by several users.) We export this map and convert the points as point of interest (POI) on our GPS devices. We could then roughly orient ourselves and find the nearest gas station.
Once our collection is complete you can download the POI here.
Let’s give you another good source of places to go or not to go: Ioverlander helped on all travels we did in the past and gave us some good spots too.
Find local offroad tracks, nice MTB tours or even hiking tours we recommend: https://de.wikiloc.comWIKILOC/
Another good source for tours is MDMOT. Nice tracks through different countries on various vehicles. Not free of charge but if you consider how much work it could be to get the right track it is worth the money.

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