701 Unboxing

Finally the bikes arrived and are unboxed!

As already posted this morning, the motorcycles have arrived and survived the seafaring without damage. Only a small thing can stop our adventure now …

Shipping four motorcycles to South Africa takes time but is not a big deal. Sometimes you have to tell the forwarder on site how the delivery terms are and what a CARNET DE PASSAGE is needed for, but generally no problem.

Our friend Thomas on site has the necessary South African serenity and continues to see everything on schedule. Only these one or better four little things can stop us now.

You already suspect it. The most important and essential piece of a motorcycle. The ignition key!

Mailing 1 has already been screwed by the German Post within Germany. The first four keys lost. Package two: Afterwards sent with UPS for just under 300 €: is now in South Africa at the UPS warehouse. BUT: It is on hold!

According to Thomas the SARS – South African Revenue Service is on strike and shipments will not be cleared rigth away.

Let’s see who arrives first in Johannesburg – us or our ignition key’s. 😦

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