UPS vs. DHL vs. Schedule

The fight between our travel schedule and the freight companies is finished. We have one big looser, one penultimate and one absolute best Service Provider at all!

As you might have read before we tried to be clever and sent our ingnition keys separate from the Bikes. Shipping the keys separately brought the following results: The first looser is DHL which just screwed our shipment somewhere – and never even explained what happened. But they offered a postal address were we should sent our inquiries about the lost shipment.

The second looser is our trust in courier providers at all- UPS was not able to ship the keys according to the offered service- price at UPS was the price from DHL multiplied by 20 (!) this equals half theprice of airline ticket to south africa. The price for the stupiest answer was given to a hotline speicalist from UPS saying: “It is really hard to contact the office in South Africa from Germany as the time difference is so high”. Did he missed the geography lesson at all?

After five days the shipment was sent: We got the info that we have to clarify the paperwork for customs clearance. But not phone number only the general service hotline. They can not tell what the problem is…

Then we changed the strategy: Thomas in South Africa pulled the information out of the South African UPS organization and myself pushed the german UPS Hotline. In the end we both were frustrated.

The schedule for Thomas was leaving for his eastern vacation on Tuesday the 16th April finish the bikes on the 10th and do a test ride on the 11th.

As you might know “pimp my ride” – we did it exactly in the same style. The UPS office finished the shipment desaster today and delivered the keys to Thomas a 3:17pm. Thanks to Katlego from UPS South Africa for the support.

Tomorrow test ride and next week: “Gentlemen START YOUR ENGINES!”

There is only one Number 1 service provider in all that mess: Thomas! He really helped a lot, called UPS several times, express paid for customs clearance…

THANKS THOMAS for all that superb Support.

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