Chicken disaster (Day 3&4)

Mochudi – Mahalapye – Serowe

After our first impression of South African and Botswana hospitality we started early in the morning without a breakfast (Guest house just opened three month before and had no time to organize that – This is Africa!) to the next fuel station. Luckily a SPAR supermarket – next to it. So we could get our daily rate of Ground beef Chakalaka, bread and today because it was Sunday with pickels.

Then off the road to the recommended tracks from OMEGAFIBRE. And to be honest great tracks a lot of stony passages, sand and thorns. But over all challenging but doable. But we underestimated the time and the availability of food supplies and place to stay. So we had to ride a bit on street as well. Crossed the Tropic of Capricorn. Got rooms in the Tshidi Guest House in Mahalapye.

For lunch we had a coke thats it. So we were hungry and got the recommendation for Kaytees Restaurant. The Tswana Chicken was the recomendation. Maybe because we are not used to that style of chicken but a cold chicken with cold fries should hopefully not be the Tswana style chicken. Anyway we have German Schnaps with us to help our stomach get through it.

The next day brought us back on the track to north. Really good terrain with all kind of riding levels. The bikes are perfect for this kind of terrain but without luggage it would even be better. Next time we leave the Schnaps and the instant coffee at home. (Forget about the last sentence – we just leave the instant coffee at home.)

We ended in Serowe early that day as we have to sort out what to ride the next days. Luckily we find the Serowe Barcelos. We could get a impression how a good chicken could taste. The Guest house “Sweetberries Bridgee B&B” was our accommodation with funny inroom toilets and showers. You will know what I mean when you get there.

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