Kubu Island (Day 5&6)

Travelling further north gave us more and more the impression of getting into Africa. Very friendly people, polling station in the middle of nowhere and more and more nature. We had a special place on our to do list KUBU Island.

Located in the salt pan Makgadikgadi. This spot is not the cheapest camp ground in Botswana but in our opinion an absolute must see. On the way there we punished our fingers and arms with thorns, our bodies with deep sand and ruts. Travelled further north and in the evening arrived on the island. Amazing place. A little bit smelly but only after we arrived.

Early in the moring we watched the sun rise and started our salt pan race. Never thougt that it could be that slippery. Was a lot of fun.

From Nata we took the road further north to Kasane and have seen many many Elephants along the road. Absolute blast. To get a idea what we do, our media mastermind did a short promo video for you:

Two special thanks to Luis and the ZABikers. Luis guided us on our first day to the camp ground and helped via Whatsapp alot and the ZABikers magazine and Website made a nice little “tweet” on our journey. LINK

1 thought on “Kubu Island (Day 5&6)

  1. What a World!
    Ich sitze in BT, während ich mit Freuden telefoniere, die grad die Pan Amerika absolviert haben. In Brasilien noch a bissl rumhängen, bevor es zurück nach good old Germany geht.
    Und in Botswana preschen die Kerls zeitgleich mit ihren Maschinen durch die Prärie.
    Leute genießt die Zeit, passt auf euch auf und unfallfreie Fahrt.

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