Restday (Day 7)

To process all the impressions we got the last days we decided to have a break and rest in Kasane. While we were waiting for a money exchange i bought four non alcoholic beers. I asked the lady at the desk if she could recommend us a good clean guest house.

She refused but asked another lady outside the shop. She called several guest houses and finally she found one in our budget. She escorted us to the Guest house and the staff organized us some cold beer. Nice Guest house (Logan Safaries Guest house), clean and friendly staff, good breakfast – Thanks for hosting us.

As we had enough chicken and corned beef the days before the ALARM WORD was spoken from one of the Employees: “STEAK” (OMG). The decision was done even before we discussed where to go. THEBE RIVER SAFARIS (they have also a camp site) was the place to be. You see the influence of many tourists on the menue pricing. The table beside us was accomodated with four young ladies from US with the special new communication habit. The all watched there smartphones and did not talk to each other. I guess we all know that kind of behaviour.

Today we relaxed and took a Chobe river boot door in the afternoon. I am normally not a big friend of preorganizes three hour tours – but it was mind blowing. In the first 30 minutes I saw more elefants and hippos as all the 46 years before at all. The closest elefant was roughly 5m away and hippos maybe 15m. Water buffalos and many other wild animals and birds as well.

Anybody who wants to see wild animals as close as possible and treat them well should come here. To use the words of Mr. Trump “AMAZING COUNTRY – DID A GREAT JOB” ;-). Please instead of Mr. Trump’s opinion – try to help and save this amazing place!

BTW: Help to educate the people. Waiting for the boat we have seen people trinking a can of a american based “refreshing” sugar liquid. After finishing the can the guy just put the can onto the ground. Help to educate them not to behave like that. Good night John Boy.

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