Restday No. 2 / Iron Butt Rides No. 1&2

Started with a good cup of filter coffee and a breakfast including muesli and cereals the Namibian owners told a bit about the lodge and the possibilities. Within two or three seconds we were persuaded to stay another night. The nights cool down to 15 degrees and made the sleep really good. Or it was caused by the two bottles of good south African wine.

The lodge could handle more than 100 visitors. Today we are the only four!

At lunch time the entertainment program started. Four guys sitting in front of the zambesi river watching elephants go for a bath. Amazing entertainment with all sizes of elephants. After the Tea time we enjoyed a Zambesi boat tour with fresh Gin Tonic and some Hippos but no elephants.

The final of the rest day was a citrus fish soup, followed by a vegetarian spring roll. As a main course a perfect filet steak and a chocolate mousse for desert. WOW! What a Day.

Early the next day we started going the road north to Shasheke and then to Nambian border. We thought that customs into Nambia is easy going but this was the worst service we got so far. They did not accept any other currency then Nambian Dollar or Rand and no credit card. Luckily a police officer guided one of us back to Zambia to change money.

Changing the countries also showed us different live styles. In Nambia it seams that cars have more attraction to the people as in Zambia or Zimbabwe. Then the boring part of the journey began. We travelled through the Caprivi strip around 260km straight on. Ended in darkness at the Mobola Lodge. Amazing place at the Okavango River with the bar placed on a island inside the river and draught beer but no food. So we took the german Dinner (4 beer equals a Schnitzel) and got to bed early. On the way back to the tents we found the secret switch for the Mobola waterfall.

Without breakfast we took of to Rundu (150km) for breakfast. After a some kilometers Clauses bike felt a bit instable and we found a screw in the 4mm tube. But the tire (Michelin Desert Race) did a good job without any air inside. Our mechanic Jorge fixed the bad tire within half and our tea was just finished when he was done and packed the bikes ready for start.

Lunch together with the breakfast was held in Rundu at Ginos Take Away. Ask for the beef roll with Peri Peri or meat balls with onions. Very friendly people. Another 240km further down the road we now sit in Grootfontain and wait for a Steak.

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