Open Topics and other Annoyances

“I’m hopping mad!” sound out of my mobile phone. Two of us already registered the bikes. One had no issues, the other had to show the vecicle identification number to the registration officer and one was refused to register as he needs customs clearance documents and has to show the vehicle. I guess that is a good training to be patient all the time…

That are only a view issues we face the week after the bikes were received. Another issue is the bag question. Do we want to get the KRIEGA stuff (overlander series) or wait for the opening of the european warehouse of MOSKOMOTO / reckless40 system. We faced that KRIEGA has no bags or belts in stock so two decided to go for the local online suppliers (Germot & FC-moto & motoschotte), one waits for MOSKO while our oldest budy still has not Internet.

Beside that we still wait for hand guards and what parts, helmets, jackets to choose…
…and some of us have to reduce the car and bike park. The decision which vehicle to sell out of seven seams not that easy 😉

After the decision was made you have to find the license plate and all the parts you did not use for the last 4 years. LUXURY PROBLEMS!

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