23.12.2018 – 1st Test – Spain – 20°C – sunny

Two of us drove towards Spain to escape from the cold and test the motorcycles. Yesterday it was time, with sunny 20 ° C.

Playing in the dirt

Backyard L’Hospitalet de l’Infant

In summary, we can say – brilliant. More than enough power, agile. Homogeneous power development over the entire RPM range. But you have to be very careful to bring the power to the ground. The suspension works great. Too bad that our two team mates are not on site.

The only issue we face are the tires. The TKC80 from Continental seams to be a good onroad tire and works well on the BMW R1200GS but as we are more used to real offroad tires – especialy the front tires looses grip quite easy.

At the end of the day we had a big smile in our face and a nice afternoon with single tracks, stony climbs and a lot of dust.

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