Manchmal kommt es anders… / S##t happens…

{Heute mal auf DEUTSCH}

Der Plan war die Motorräder in Spanien einzufahren ohne Frostbeulen zu bekommen. Wie es immer so ist fängt man mit einfachen Pisten an und testet was geht. Am Tag Zwei wird man schon Experimenteller. Die Pisten schmäler, steiler und anspruchsvoller. Relativ schnell stellt man fest die Grenzen setzt nicht die Maschine sondern das können des Fahrers und sein Skrupel wie man mit einem neuen Bike umgeht.

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Open Topics and other Annoyances

“I’m hopping mad!” sound out of my mobile phone. Two of us already registered the bikes. One had no issues, the other had to show the vecicle identification number to the registration officer and one was refused to register as he needs customs clearance documents and has to show the vehicle. I guess that is a good training to be patient all the time…

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Welcome Adventure!


“You are positively mad!” was the conclusion of one of our fellows as we told him what we had in mind. We started with the idea of an off-road trip to Spain and Romania in 2019, came up with some plans for Morocco and finally agreed that our bikes would not be suitable for a offroad adventure tour. (This is a part of the story other individuals – not riding a motorcycle – cannot transfer). So we had to investigate what would be suitable for trips like that. KTM350: to small tank. R1200GS ADV: to heavy. Wait for the KTM790 Adventure: Expected light – but after presentation at the Eicma: even to heavy.


Explore the journey to our new bikes, the conversion and the upcoming adventure in the southern hemisphere – without the standard adventure bike ;- )