News from the BONEMAN

Landy Abholung ADAC kl

After I broke my ankle in December in a test in Spain (Weber B for connoisseurs,), it will be better again. I was allowed to spend a few days in the University Hospital in Reus, where my leg was again screwed together super. The ADAC took me home by plane and also returned my Landy Defender. Everyone helped me a lot and did a great job. Thanks again to Sandra and Bernd, who organized everything and took my moped with me.

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DIY – Luggage Rack Husqvarna 701

After the luggage racks available on the market did not meet our requirements, two of us mechanical engineers, we quickly set up our own 3D construction. The idea is to give our luggage systems a really stable fixation not o have any movement of the luggage while riding offroad. KTK GmbH has the abbility and machine park not only to do the software planing also to produce the first prototypes of the new system.

First Design freeze Husqvarna 701 luggage rack

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Kitchen scale party

If you can not think of anything else: Take a kitchen scale and determine the weight of your luggage. That happened to me yesterday night.

Everyone knows the lighter the bike is, the better off-road performance it gets. As we were not sure how much over all weight of luggage and equipment we will get, i took some time the kitchen scale and went to my gear up room.

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